Freedom Yoga

Pause, Ask, Listen, Hear, Dare to Do


The style of Yoga I practice, teach, and do my best to live, is called Freedom Yoga. It is a practice and a process of learning to reside in the true-north center point of ourselves, our closest contact point to The Divine and to all we seek. Instead of looking outside ourselves for truth, we go straight into our own teacher within for wisdom, guidance, and life direction. Instead of making up our own minds in advance about what to do or not do in life, we learn to tune into the frequency of infinite knowing, making all choices and decisions from the perspective of conscious unity with Infinity.

Be grounded, seek your center of gravity, no matter where you find yourself

Freedom Yoga is a practice of inner listening, courage, and deep self-trust. In the microcosm of the mat, our goal is to be led from the truth within. We explore options and choices in the shapes of the poses, becoming skillfully sensitive to the feeling of rightness and being bravely willing to follow it wherever it leads us. Our alignment becomes natural, tension-free, intuitive, and highly creative. The asana will always feel new and it will feel more and more true, interesting, and genuine.

Honing these skills in the mat practice, where it is easy, translates directly into the macrocosm of applying these skills to daily life, where it is not quite so easy. Freedom Yoga then becomes the art of living a guided-from-within life.

My teaching style is down-to-earth, spontaneous, creative, and full of ease and open-hearted authenticity. I encourage students and myself alike to let go of comparison, be who we really are, trust our deepest impulses and promptings, and boldly relax back into our own beautiful, unique resonance and natural, tension-free alignment.

Currently, all of my local classes are privates and group privates, open to established students and referrals. However, if you are a new student and would like to study with me, please follow the link on the sidebar and send me an email. I would love to hear from you.