Freedom Yoga Teacher Immersion: January 17-22, 2020

35 hours of advanced study in the art of teaching and living Freedom Yoga, the practice of inner listening, courage, and self-trust. Take your skills to the next level by learning to be inspired and guided from the wellspring of the Teacher Within.

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Thank you so much for your interest in the 2020 Freedom Yoga teacher immersion! I am very excited and looking forward to our training group gathering in January, 2020, here in College Station, Texas. This is a wonderful time of community, sharing, and a retreat from our normal routine to allow ourselves to go deep into the practice together.

This training is a 6-day, 35-hour immersion into the heart of Freedom Yoga - how to practice it, live it, and teach it. The art of teaching yoga is a lifelong journey; a continuous process of letting yourself be taught through your own direct experience. Our work together will be about personal growth, self-discovery, and learning for the simple pleasure and joy of learning. This course is geared toward teachers who have already taken previous trainings and want to take their teaching skills to the next level. However, if you are not a current teacher and really want to come to this immersion, you are most welcome to come! The only requirement for attendance is a love of Yoga, a desire to learn more about it and live it, and an already-established foundational practice. Our class size will be small, between 4 and 8 participants only, which helps foster the courage and self-trust necessary to color outside your own lines and let your unique gifts begin to shine through your teaching (and your life).

The material I will be sharing during our immersion is a distillation of my teaching journey: over 25 years of experience as a group fitness instructor, over 20 years of teaching and practicing Yoga, and 15 years of study (apprenticeship and mentorship) with my teacher and Freedom Yoga pioneer, Erich Schiffmann. We will focus on the qualities that I think are essential to being an excellent Yoga teacher. This course will help you begin to develop and polish those aspects as well as dive deeply into your own practice, which is the wellspring of your inspiration and creativity as a teacher.

We'll be working through three main themes of study during our time together: Meditation, Asana, and Teaching. Our specific syllabus will be organic and based on the group dynamic when we all come together, but it will swirl around the following areas:

I. Meditation: Getting in Touch with the Source of Creativity.

II. Asana: How to Practice in a Creative Manner.

III. Teaching: Sharing Your Love of Yoga With Others.

Tentative class schedule: January 17-22, 2020
Friday: 7 - 9:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30-5:30
Sunday: 10:00-5:00
Monday: 9:30 - 5:30
Tuesday: 9:30 - 5:30
Wednesday: 9:30 - 5:30
(all days include breaks; most days will have a 1.5 hour lunch break)

Depart on Thursday

$825 until December 17, 2019
$975 after December 17, 2019
Includes your manual
$175 deposit required to secure your space

If you have any questions about course content or travel logistics, please email me here. I would love to hear from you!

Peace and Gratitude,