Yoga is the art of living an inspired life.


The Sanskrit word Yoga means means to yoke, or to join. Yoga is about experiencing our conscious unity with Infinity, our inseparable oneness with God, The Universe, or whatever name has meaning for you for the Source of Life.

The fundamental cornerstone of this experience of Yoga is remembering who we are and aligning ourselves with our deepest truth: We are Spirit-embodied. We are the specific, unique, beautiful, and extraordinary self-expression of God, Source. And so is everyone and everything else.

Therefore, Yoga is not something that we have to work hard to try to achieve; rather, it is a process of relaxing back into who we really are.

The more we do this, the more we begin to realize that we are in a creative partnership with The Divine, who has our best interests at heart. We begin to reside in the frequency of inner knowing, as the promptings of The Universe guide us through our lives.

The result is living a life that is guided from within, that goes with the flow, that is fun, fulfilling, deeply authentic, and inspired again. The peace and clarity that comes from this is healing, rejuvenating, energizing, calming, life-changing, and deeply, profoundly transformational. .

I look forward to sharing the practice with you.

Peace and Namaste,
Carie Garrett
College Station, Texas