My Teacher

"Carie Garrett has been with me for so long, and is in such perfect sync with the work, that I don't remember a time when she wasn't involved and can't picture a time when she won't be. She has assisted me at countless workshops, classes, and teacher trainings. Prayerful gratitude She has studied privately with me here at my house. She is an excellent writer, skilled hands-on adjuster, and gifted presenter. My people and I love her."
      Erich Schiffmann

my students teach me.


"Carie is a gifted and insightful teacher. I am constantly amazed and in awe of the beautiful way she is able to translate her love of yoga gently and effectively to her students. She is wise and caring for all who come to her for guidance."
      Stacie Clenet, Santa Barbara, CA.


"Carie's devotion to the well-being of her students, friends, and anyone lucky enough to be in her presence is an artistry of grace. Her gift for cultivating peaceful and lighthearted chemistry in a room grows out of the sincerity of her own practice on and off the mat. As a teacher, Carie embodies the best of the practice, gently nudging students toward trusting the inner guidance that inevitably allows for greater openings in the body, heart, mind, and spirit. When I count my blessings, I count Carie. "
      Anne Jablonski, Virginia


"Your yoga class is great... exactly what I wanted in a yoga experience. You are masterful at creating a nuturing environment where even a beginner like me feels comfortable, and gets something out of his very first session. I really appreciated the positioning adjustments you gave me. That is really what I want from a class... it made all the difference."
      Chuck Rhea, student

  Mudra hand


"Carie is a skilled yoga instructor who brings kindness and compassion, warmth and enthusiasm to her classes. I've especially appreciated her free form yoga classes finding them joyful and liberating."
      Victor Parachin, Tulsa, Oklahoma


"What I appreciate most about doing yoga with Carie is her ability to keep things flexible, both literally and figuratively. Not only do we explore a wide variety of asanas to improve strength and mobility, but she always provides us with options to make each one more challenging or more gentle, depending on our individual needs. Her sessions are both constructive and creative, appealing to novices and gurus alike, and I always leave feeling that my body and spirit have been refreshed."
      Lonny Tanel, College Station, Texas