Yoga is the art of living an inspired life.


The Sanskrit word Yoga means means to yoke, or to join. Essentially, it means conscious union with The Infinite. Through the various techniques of the practice, you begin to cultivate the sensitivity and attention necessary to listen for inner guidance about what to do or not do in your life.

Carie Garrett, Photo by Alexandra Hall

You become skillful at this on the mat, in the poses, in the breathing, where it's easy, so that you become skilled at doing it in your life — where it's not always so easy.

Yoga, therefore, is about learning to use your mind in a different way. Rather than using it to continue to foster separation and isolation, you learn to use it to actually experience singularity and a feeling of deep connectedness that we all share.

It's about relaxing into who you are, being brave and daring to life a live that's guided from within, that goes with the flow, that's fun, fulfilling, and inspired again. And that translates into feeling like you're just being more YOU. Without limit. Fully. Finally!

The peace and clarity that results from the practice is healing, rejuvenating, energizing, calming, life-changing; deeply and profoundly transformative.

I look forward to sharing the practice with you.

Peace and Namaste,
Carie Garrett
College Station, Texas